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Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland

Embassy of Finland, Ottawa: Embassy


55 Metcalfe Street, Suite 850, Ottawa, Ontario K1P 6L5, Canada
Tel. +1 613 288 2233, E-mail:[at]
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Welcome to the Embassy of Finland in Ottawa

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What does the Embassy of Finland do?

The Embassy

  • represents the Government of Finland in Canada and looks after Finland´s political, economic and cultural interests
  • reports to the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, other authorities, and stakeholder groups on Canadian matters of significance to the interests of Finland and the European Union
  • promotes better knowledge and understanding of Finland in Canada and Canada in Finland through public diplomacy, visits and exchanges in all walks of modern life
  • maintains ties with the large community of Finnish-Canadians and other friends of Finland in Canada
  • provides consular services to Finnish citizens and permanent residents as well as to visitors to Finland and other EU countries
  • directs the activities of honorary consuls at thirteen different locations across Canada as they assist the Embassy in performing these tasks.

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Updated 10/18/2016

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