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News, 9/17/2018

What the HEL from Finland -exhibition takes Finnish design, skills and phenomena out to the world

IDS, International Design Show Vancouver, has invited Ms Susanna Björklund as a keynote speaker to Canada, where she also curates an exhibition of Finnish design. IDS Vancouver Fair provides a unique possibility to make Finnish Design known in North America.

What the HEL

What the HEL Finland is a new, layered, extensive and story driven exhibition concept, realized visually and colorfully, combining cutting edge design, fine arts and innovations from Finland, mirroring societal phenomena and the essence of the Finnish culture the same time. The exhibition breaks the boundaries of design and brings along futures thinking.

Trend analyst Susanna Björklund is the designer and curator of the exhibition. “In addition to physical products, we also display immaterial and innovative companies even outside the design field. Design is getting more extensive. The exhibition asks how this reflects on our values and in which ways is design present in our lives. Global trends are in turmoil and megatrends have an impact on us all”, says Björklund.

More than 30 companies and designers are taking part in What the HEL from Finland exhibition:

Antrei Hartikainen, Artek, Creadesign, Ella Varvio, Feathr, Finlayson, Flexound Augmented  Audio, Gedigo Piece of Finland, Genelec, Habitare, Hanna Anonen, Heini Riitahuhta, Hei Schools, Helenius & Renvall Creative, Himmee, Interface, Johanna Gullichsen, Katriina Nuutinen, Klaus Haapaniemi, Lappset Group Oy, Lapuan Kankurit, Leena Kouhia, Lokal Helsinki, Matri, Nolla by Neste, Nikari, Poiat, Reeta Ek, Saana & Olli, Samuji, Secto Design, STUDIO smoo, .Tebian, Tikau, Tuula Pöyhönen, Valoe, Valona and Woodio.

What the HEL from Finland


Interior Design Show Vancouver, Booth 837

Vancouver Convention Centre, West Building.

Facebook @What the HEL from Finland

Instagram @what_the_hel_from_finland

Twitter @what_the_hel

The ENNEtool

ENNEtool by Susanna Björklund combines future thinking with design. Björklund is a trend analyst, futures thinking, designer and journalist, and a sought after speaker. She speaks about changes in the world, in values, consumer behaviour and lines of businesses. She attends design fairs and writes about them. She also curates and produces exhibitions.

Björklund has designed the concept, curates and produces Signals, the official annual trend exhibition of Habitare Furniture Fair. Nowadays she curates it with designer Sisse Collander. Signals  has become one of the most popular and photographed exhibitions of Habitare, raising  extensive international media interest. The What the HEL concept, produced by Björklund´s company ENNEtool, aims to make Finnish design and knowhow known internationally. The event is designed to travel around the world, updated and changing along the way.


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Updated 9/18/2018

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