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The Nationality Unit of the Finnish Immigration Service or Migri, is responsible for decisions on retention or loss of Finnish citizenship and determination of citizenship status.  Their web site  is the recommend source for information on the topic of Finnish citizenship.

An unofficial translation of Finnish Nationality Act of 2003 can be found at English outline of subsequent updates can be found in Migri’s fact sheet Finland’s Nationality Act.

Information about Canadian citizenship can be found at

 Dual and multiple citizenship

Finnish Nationality Act allowing multiple citizenships came into force June 1, 2003.

Finnish citizens who have become Canadian citizens as of June 1, 2003 must update their citizenship information in the Finnish Population Register.  Please see our services page for details.

Finnish citizens, who have lost their citizenship when gaining Canadian or other citizenship by naturalization prior to can regain it by making a citizenship declaration which is subject to a fee.

This also applies to dual citizens residing outside of Finland who have automatically lost their Finnish citizenship at age 22.

The declaration can be submitted online at the web site of Finnish Immigration Service. A paper application is also possible, at a higher fee.

Regardless of the type of declaration, a personal visit by the applicant and any co-applicants to the embassy or closest Finnish consulate is mandatory.  An appointment, preferably by email, is required.

Please bring with you all your supporting documents, i.d. for applicant and co-applicants in the original, and other documents authenticated as outlined in the application form.

This must be done within 30 days of submitting the online application or the fee payment will be forfeited.  Also, the applications cannot be processed further until this step has been completed.   

Please note that documentation is not needed for any item already entered into the Finnish population register.  If you are not sure, you can complete a Checking Your Own Information request before getting started.

If you visit a local consulate, you will be issued a certificate confirming your attendance, listing the documents presented to be forwarded to the embassy.

pdfCertificate of Identity      pdfCertificate of Identity with child

Retaining Finnish citizenship for young dual citizens residing outside of Finland

If you are a citizen of Finland and another country or countries, and live outside of Finland, you may lose your Finnish citizenship automatically on your 22nd birthday unless you take action to retain it.  Citizenship can be retained by written request, passport application, or completion of military or civillian service.

Written retention request can be sent as soon as you turn 18. If your address information is up-to-date in the Finnish Population Register, you will receive a reminder from your local register in Finland to take steps to retain your Finnish citizenship.   Your request must be received by the embassy or local register in Finland before your 22nd birthday.  Honorary consulates cannot process citizenship retention requests.

Need to update your address

Military service and dual citizenship

Adult male dual or multiple citizens are automatically exempt from service if they have lived permanently outside of Finland in the past 7 years (Section 75 of the Conscription Act).

If a dual citizen moves to Finland before his 30th birthday, he becomes liable to complete his service. 

If your address information is up-to-date in the Finnish Population Register, you will receive a letter from the Defence Forces after turning 18, explaining your service option and may also receive confirmation of exemption from service.  If so, please save this document to be used if applying for a Finnish passport before turning 30.

Need to update your address

There is no conscription for women who may apply for voluntary service.

More information about military service on the Finnish Defence Forces' website

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